Environmental and Sustainability Policy

CJ Associates Ltd. (“the Company”) is committed to providing services in accordance with environmental good practice.

The Company strives to continuously improve its management of environmental issues including proper management and monitoring of waste, reduction of pollution and emissions, in procurement, sustainability of goods and services, and compliance with relevant legislation and environmental codes of practice.

The Company seeks wherever practicable and appropriate to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment by meeting the following objectives:

  • Promote the use of recyclable and sustainable materials
  • Consider whole life costs
  • Utilise responsible disposal or recycling of waste materials
  • Encourage the use of sustainable travel by all staff, including travel to and from meetings in client offices whenever possible
  • Utilise locally available products
  • Recognise energy efficiency and conservation in all office procedures
  • Comply with statutory regulations, approved codes of practice and other relevant standards
  • Encourage staff and clients to develop environmentally responsible practices and procedures.

It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that they follow appropriate procedures and good practice in order to meet the above objectives. It is the responsibility of the Office Manager where possible to ensure green procurement and sustainability of goods and services.

When working in clients’ offices CJ Associates work to support their host’s environmental policies and procedures.

The Company’s Environmental and Sustainability Policy recognises the objectives of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems.  The Executive Group will monitor and review the performance of the Company to ensure that the objectives set out in this policy are being met.