Authorisations, Consents, Land & Property

We are recognised specialists in managing the delivery of Parliamentary Bills, Transport and Works Act Orders and Development Consent Order applications for major infrastructure schemes, and associated consents processes through the implementation stage.

We advise on the best consent route to adopt for a particular project’s context and scope, working closely with legal advisers and parliamentary agents. We develop and manage the programme to achieve consent, working closely with multi-disciplinary teams including lawyers, engineers, architects, and environmentalists.  We advise and manage the preparation and agreement of associated protective provisions, third-party agreements, and undertakings and assurances with third parties to facilitate the timely delivery of the authorisation, and ultimately project delivery. Our expertise includes:

  • Strategic planning and development of specifications for authorisation documents
  • Liaising with multidisciplinary teams, lawyers, parliamentary counsel, and parliamentary agents to deliver required documentation and evidence
  • Advising on the agreement of protective provisions, third party agreements, and undertakings and assurances, recognising potential cost and programme implications for the project implementation phase
  • Advising on and preparing evidence and statements of case

Once the Act of Parliament, TWAO or DCO has been achieved, we have vast experience of managing the consents process during the project implementation stage. Our expertise includes:

  • Consents management plan and process development
  • Planning, heritage, highways, traffic and environmental consents delivery
  • Technical interface and undertakings and assurances compliance management
  • Consent granting bodies and third parties’ engagement

Our Land and Property expertise encompasses the key stages of any project whether it is through route selection, the authorisation process or acquisition and hand back procedures to enable implementation and closure. Through the initial stages of the authorisation process CJ Associates have: 

  • Advised on land matters, negotiated and resolved land and property related objections, and coordinated with designers and contractors to inform design development and reduce compensation costs
  • Developed land acquisition strategies and defined and advised on rights and powers in respect of land acquisition and possession
  • Produced key land related deliverables, such as the Statement of Reasons documentation and DCO land schedules
  • Undertaken early consultation with landowners to acquire land in advance of compulsory acquisition being sought

Through the implementation and closure of land and property processes CJ Associates have:

  • Co-ordinated notices and permissions for temporary and permanent land access, including managing the service of notices and coordinating land hand-back processes
  • Liaised with landowners or occupiers regarding arrangements for land access and possession
  • Managed land agents and advised on potential cost savings or innovations regarding land acquisition costs
  • Managed acquisitions outside of Act/Order limits where necessary