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Programme & Technical Management

We specialise in helping you define the shape and scope of your projects, bringing a fresh perspective and challenging assumptions constructively.

We know how important it is to successful outcomes to have clarity around roles and responsibilities, ensuring teams work together as an integral unit with a common understanding and shared purpose.

A project that is not appropriately planned, structured or resourced will invariably suffer in the longer term not only in terms of time and cost to deliver but also in the reputation damage to the Client.  We can provide talented and experienced staff to guide, challenge and support the development of the scheme through the formative stages to establish the right structure and delivery strategy.

As the project progresses our role is to support your leaders and teams by supporting the programme and project management in the various disciplines required, and by managing change and ensuring value for money and cost certainty. This includes:

  • Formulating delivery strategies
  • Developing appropriate organisational structures
  • Establishing requirements, roles and responsibilities
  • Implementing programme and project controls
  • Assessing and managing risk
  • Bringing stakeholders and industry partners together
  • Negotiating and administering agreements
  • Design and Technical interface management
  • Establishing targeted training and staff development

Our inclusion in the formative stages of a project and the consequent detailed knowledge of its objectives, issues and challenges enable us to provide articulate sponsorship, support and assurance services.    

Should a project be in distress, we have staff who are experienced in undertaking project reviews and working with the incumbent team to bring the project back under control.