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Training and Development Policy

CJ Associates Ltd. (“the Company”) is committed to the continuing professional development of our staff and we prize the value our employees bring to the Company.  We take a proactive approach to training and development, recognising that our knowledge and collective expertise are our greatest assets.

We ensure staff continually develop their professional competencies – not only in their professional discipline areas, but also in other key skills such as leadership, management, communications and collaboration.

Our aim is to encourage all our staff who wish to do so to obtain a recognised professional qualification in a discipline relevant for the requirements of the Company and to ensure our clients receive the highest standards of professional service and best practice.

Training and Personal Development Programme

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is drawn up with each member of staff when they join the Company. The PDP will be reviewed at regular six monthly intervals with a member of the Executive Group. The purpose of the PDP is to align the individual’s own personal development targets and career aspirations with the Company’s business needs and objectives. It includes short, medium and long-term priorities and an agreed development action plan.  

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All our professional staff are affiliated to recognised institutions, and CPD is therefore a requirement to maintaining their professional status. The Company supports CPD by allocating time and funds for their participation in relevant courses and encouraging attendance at appropriate seminars, workshops and events.

In addition to specific external training courses, internal Company meetings and seminars are held regularly to ensure additional expertise and experience gained from project assignments is shared amongst staff.