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Quality Policy

The Directors and Management of CJ Associates Ltd. (“the Company”) are committed to providing a service to customers that is:

  • Of consistent high quality;
  • Right first time, every time;
  • Responsive to customers’ requirements, expectations and needs; and
  • Cost-efficient.

The Company’s objective is to distinguish itself and flourish in its market environment by delivering excellence in the quality and timeliness of products and services provided to customers.

The Company is committed to the full implementation of the Quality Policy and the Company’s Quality Management System (QMS), which is described in the Quality and Office Manual.

The purpose of the QMS is to provide a framework within which CJ Associates will:

  • provide products and services that consistently meet customer requirements;
  • enhance customer satisfaction;
  • address risks and opportunities associated with the context of the organisation;
  • demonstrate conformity to specified QMS requirements; and
  • support the continuous improvement of the organisation.

CJ Associates QMS complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

CJ Associates communicates the details of the quality policy internally and reviews its effectiveness, through training, internal audit reports and the continual improvement processes.  The Directors are responsible for establishing regular formal and informal communications as needed to convey to their employees the relevance and importance of the quality policy.

All employees are responsible for the quality of their work and the implementation of the policies and procedures applicable to processes they perform.  Employees are motivated and empowered to identify and report any known or potential problems and to recommend related solutions to aid corrective action.