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Derrick is an experienced petition manager and stakeholder engagement professional with over twenty years’ experience. He has a distinguished track record in developing and maintaining professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders, local communities, business partners, affected and interested parties.   

As a senior consultant with CJ Associates, Derrick managed the land acquisition process for SCS Railways on the southern contract area of High Speed 2.  He produced the notification and engagement strategy for landowners and interested parties and manages engagement with client to ensure that all access and acquisitions requirement of the Act are met.  Derrick also completed a stakeholder and communication role with Transport for London, working on the Northern Line Extension project.  In Derrick’s role on the Northern Line Extension project, he managed engagement with affected businesses and residents located above or close to the tunnel or construction sites, in addition to managing the Settlement Deed procedure and developed the protocol for managing defects, in affected properties, from inspection to repair.  He managed a team of administrative, engineering and environmental specialists to deliver petition responses for the Country South section of the HS2 Phase One route.  This involved the development and implementation of an Additional Provision to the HS2 Phase One hybrid Bill, the preparation of exhibits to support the parliamentary Select Committee process and liaison with parliamentary agents, HS2 QCs and expert witnesses.   

Derrick has good analytical skills to resolve issues and develop operational solutions.  He also has impeccable interpersonal skills and the ability to engage on complex technical matters with a wide range of industry professionals and community stakeholders. He is a valued member of the team with an exemplary history of working collaboratively to achieve results and meet key performance targets.

Derrick’s key projects include:

  • High Speed 2 (Bill deposit and Construction)
  • Transport for London (TfL) Northern Line Extension
  • TfL – Central London Congestion Charging and London Low Emission Zone