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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Client: (1) Thames Water Utilities Limited and (2) Confidential


The Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) is a major new sewer designed to protect the tidal River Thames from pollution. Built in Victorian times, London’s sewerage system is no longer fit for purpose and spills millions of tonnes of sewage into the tidal section of the river every year. When constructed, the tunnel will tackle the problem of overflows from the capital’s sewers for at least the next 100 years.

CJ Associates were engaged in two roles on the project.  First, we provided expert transition management coordination services for the for the project, taking it from the development phase to construction. We worked closely with stakeholders to establish the business capabilities required by Thames Tideway Tunnel Ltd as a new regulated water utility company, with the resources and capability to deliver the £4.2 billion TTT project.

Our second role was providing advice on the discharge of requirements process associated with the TTT Development Consent Order, as contractors constructing the western section of the TTT were seeking to understand the background to specific requirements, their ability to comply with those, and if efficiencies could be made in their consents preparation and submission process. 

Key Services

Project & Technical Management

CJ Associates’ work on this major project has included:

  • Participating in development of the corporate ‘vision and values’
  • Programme managing the transition management plan
  • Scheduling and dependency management of transitional activities
  • Programme-level transition risk and change management
  • Progress reporting on transition to internal and external stakeholder groups
  • Overseeing development of the detailed business capability requirements and regular ‘maturity assessments’ of capabilities to provide management oversight of business readiness
  • Oversight and governance of the development of business and project information systems
  • Assembling project information for investor ‘due diligence’
  • Selecting and interviewing candidates for key project roles and managing the induction of new joiners
  • Preparing presentations for investors
  • Coordinating and overseeing the separation of Thames Tideway Tunnel Ltd. from Thames Water Utilities Ltd. including novation of contracts and assets to the new company and separation of data
  • Independent challenge to the main service providers and consultants on capability requirements , management processes and value for money delivery.

Consents Review

CJ Associates undertook a comprehensive review of the TTT Development Consent Order, associated Environmental Statement and consents requirements. In addition, a review of contractor consents submission processes and local planning authority determination times was undertaken, and comparison with other major infrastructure consents processes, including hybrid Bill and Transport and Works Act, was made.  

Value Added

CJ Associates’ experienced project and technical consultants provided independent and comprehensive oversight and challenge to the systems and processes being proposed to provide the delivery capability for the new company.

We provided an ‘intelligent client’ function to support development of the business capability and capacity needed for what will be one of the largest water utility businesses in England and Wales in terms of its regulated asset value.

CJ Associates’ advice through the consents review enabled contractors to:

  • Navigate baseline information and methodologies in the Environmental Statement, including noise and land contamination, to meet the requirements of the DCO,
  • Understand their obligations in the delivery of consents and the role of local planning authorities, and
  • Implement opportunities for efficiencies in their consents preparation processes.