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Silvestra is experienced in strategic engagement and petition management with a broad range of stakeholders including political, local communities, statutory bodies and large commercial organisations during the planning phase of major infrastructure projects.

Having completed her postgraduate studies in legal practice, Silvestra began her career as a Legal Assistant in 2010 at Brent Citizen Advice Bureau, conducting legal research and providing legal advice to members of the public. As a senior caseworker for a shadow minister in parliament, her work focused on public policy including petition management of a major retail and residential development in London.

Silvestra then led the analysis of Euston petitions for Phase 1 of the £50bn HS2 rail project. She provided the petition management team with in depth analysis and tools for handling petitioners with a view to securing powers to implement HS2 through the parliamentary process. During her time in HS2 Ltd, Silvestra also led the preparation work for negotiations with AXA Ltd, a major investment firm, drafting a legally-tested petition response and briefing documents for counsel in preparation for Select Committee. This led to a successful outcome which would otherwise have incurred a multi-million pound liability against the HS2 project.

Silvestra currently works as a Stakeholders Engagement Lead and is responsible for the delivery of engagement with stakeholders, including statutory undertakers and environmental bodies through the development phase of the Lower Thames Crossing project. Her five years of experience in this project makes Silvestra a resilient professional due to her strengthened experience in stakeholder engagement management across all cohorts, including political, local authority, business and community stakeholders in preparation for DCO.

Silvestra’s key projects include:

  • Lower Thames Crossing
  • High Speed 2
  • Political research and communication